About Us

The Center

The Center is in its 20th year of operation as a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization in Ohio. The mission of CCE is to empower disadvantage families toward self-sufficiency. Our approach is to provide clients, who want a hand and not a hand out, with options that will enable them to improve their quality of life and become productive citizens.

All of the programs of The Center are centered around a Violence Free Youngstown Initiative. The goals of the Violence Free Youngstown Initiative are as follows:

– To Strengthen Families through The Change of Heart ♥ Program, Health & Wellness, Family Support Initiatives  and the The NewBirth Project (Reentry).

– To Transform Youth: through K.E.Y.S. (Keep Educating Youth all Seasons) Youth Development Program; and The YouthFirst Diversion Program ad The Child Enrichment Program (preschool & daycare).

– To Mobilize the Community through The Pathway Partners Group; Now Youngstown, The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV) and the Citizen Circle.

The Center for Community Empowerment is an affiliate of The Woodson Center (formerly The Center for Neighborhood Enterprise) in the Washington DC. The Woodson Center’s goal: Transforming lives, schools, and troubled neighborhoods from the inside out by involving those suffering the problem, empowering local leaders to identify capacities of residents and help them to achieve their potential.

CCE as a part of the Rockford Neighborhood Promise Initiate works to find ways of making the community partnerships to make the City of Youngstown and especially the Rockford Neighborhood, a safe place to live and for individuals to become productive in Society.

The NewBirth Project

If you have a felony conviction and you are finding it hard to find a good full-time job, we can help. An extension of the Change of Heart Program and in partnership with Youngstown CIRV, but designed especially for the ex-offender population. The program focus on meeting expectations/goals for re-entering the community as well as being received by the community. Mentoring and weekly support meetings are provided for clients in this program.

The NewBirth Project

Mentoring from successful peers who were incarcerated

Assessing your strengths and needs, to develop an individualized program to help you achieve a successful release

Skill-building activities that help you to avoid traps that lead to your being incarcerated

Job readiness, training and placement services

Life Skills Education

Health Services

Alternative activities for your children and significant other Vital Support Services

Debriefing about being incarcerated to move forward with a new mission and task

Socialization values that is placed on non-criminal associates and the opportunity for positive social interaction by the offender

Jacob's Ladder

Peer Mentorship

The Peer Mentorship Program is designed to assist individuals with the adcademic challenges and obstacles that may occur along their journey towards success. This includes calendar planning, time management, and gaol setting.


Recruitment is the process of engaging with individuals to discern how an educational pursuit corresponds with their aspired career endevors. We find it impperative to start where the indevidual is at with there career expectations


The Center for Community Empowerment utilizes its resource base to address issues that may casue interference with attaining educational and career gaols

Academinc Consultation

Academic consultation is provided to assist individuals with the achievement of ther gaols; we help integreate certain educational endevors.

Guidance Counseling

Guidance counseling is to enhance the direction of your academic pursuit. We have family supportive services, life skill coaches, and time management techingues that will impel you towards your goals.

The Seven Dynamic Domains

Guided Re-entry Accountability Planning (RAP)

The seven domains that guide re-entry assessments and planning refer to those areas of need that can be addressed through appropriate programs or other interventions to effect change in the offender’s behavior.

1) EMPLOYMENT/ EDUCATION The value that the offender places on work and/ or the need for further education to sustain employment.

The value that the offender places on being with family and the support that is derived from them.

The value that is placed on non-criminal associates and the opportunity for positive social interaction by the offender.

The value that is placed on living without reliance on alcohol and/or drugs by the offender.

The value that the offender places on having the knowledge and necessary skills for daily living.

The value that the offender places on being in control of his or her life.

The value that the offender places on living in law-abiding ways.

Mobilizing Communities

Through our collaboration of churches, para- church organizations, social services, public and private agencies or organizations, and government, we have a network to spread the violence free message and its platform across the Youngstown area. We do this through;

The Pathway Partner Group: A faith-based partnership that encourages and assist Community, Business, and Government to develop strategies that increase community awareness, involvement, and programs where we serve.

Now Youngstown: This group of community leaders are brought together monthly as an advisory council to discuss the violence in Youngstown, its effect on the city andsurrounding communities.

The Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV): is a partnership of law enforcement, social service agencies, and the community to reduce gun violence in the City of Youngstown, Ohio. Its mission is to create an effective system to offer individuals a circle of support enabling them to choose a non-violent path in life.

CCE provides referral services to area agencies and businesses as requested or needed by clients.

Partnerships are include but are not limited to:

  • The Woodson Center (Washington DC)
  • Community Initiative to Reduce Violence (CIRV)
  • Finer Things Academy
  • The Bennington Block Watch
  • NewBirth Baptist Church
  • Dare to Dream
  • Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority
  • HeartReach/Neighborhood Ministries
  • Rockford Neighborhood Ministries
  • Home for Good
  • Youngstown State University (Social Work Dept.)
  • Citizen Circles
  • Marooning County Juvenile Justice Center