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  • All of the programs of The Center

    are centered around a Violence Free Youngstown Initiative.

  • Our program works directly with ex-offenders

    To lower the crime rate and recidivism in the Mahoning Valley

  • Our mission is to

    empower disadvantaged families toward self-sufficiency.

Transforming Youth


KEYS: Keep Educating Youth All Seasons After-School & Summer Program

YouthFirst Diversion Program

This recreation & achievement program is available during the most vulnerable hours for youth crime.

Our current projects

Jacob's Ladder

Our services include Peer Mentorship, Recruitment, Referrals, Academic Consultation, and Guidance Counseling. In partenership with Eastern Gateway Community Callege.

The Newbirth Project

The NewBirth Project works directly with ex-offenders to lower the crime rate and recidivism in the Mahoning Valley by providing alternatives and opportunities for change for our clients.

The Seven Dynamic Domains

The seven domains that guide re-entry assessments and planning refer to those areas of need that can be addressed through appropriate programs or other interventions to effect change in the offender's behavior.

Mobilizing Communites

Through our collaboration of churches, para- church organizations, social services, public and private agencies or organizations, and government, we have a network to spread the violence free message...